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If you’re thinking of painting the exterior of your home, you are probably questioning how to finest prepare your house for a brand-new coat of paint. Among the most crucial steps to painting both your siding and trim is to properly prepare each surface so that the paint will adhere and last longer.

Do You Need To Power Wash Your House Before You Paint? While you may have a look at your house outside and believe that it does not require to be power washed, you will do yourself a disservice if you decide to avoid this important step in the exterior painting procedure.

When paint is used to a home that hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly, the paint will not stay for really long. Not just will professional power cleaning make sure that dirt is removed, it will also eliminate old paint, mildew, and chalking that you might not be able to see yourself.

These high-pressure systems are ideal for getting a thorough clean on your house siding and preparing it for a smooth paint task. Expert painters are fully equipped to manage the cleansing of any kind of home siding. They are experts and use the appropriate devices and cleaning agents for every part of your house.

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This is a great thing! Getting rid of loose paint with power washing assists the paint preparation procedure. Later, your painter will then scrape and prime any bare wood locations before painting. Expert painters know exactly when a house is ready to be painted after giving it a great power washing. A significant reason for paint failure on home exteriors is when paint is applied before the siding has become dry enough for painting.

But realistically, it is very hard and lengthy to clean a whole home by hand, and a pressure washer can do an appropriate task in a manner that is much, much simpler. Cautions The point of pressure cleaning your house siding prior to painting is to wash it, not to strip the paint.

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Besides the dangers, pressure washing merely isn’t the most effective method to strip paint. In order to get rid of the paint by pressure-spraying, you need to inundate the base surface area with enormous amounts of water, which is never an excellent idea, especially with wood siding. Pressure cleaning siding in some cases gets a bad name since of 2 threats:: Under particular conditions, pressure washers can cut into concrete and brick, so think of the prospective effect on cedar, vinyl, and even fiber-cement siding.

Depending on your washer’s PSI rating, this might imply anywhere from 18 inches to 6 feet away, minimum. Second, utilize a fan-spray nozzle, not a stream nozzle, which has a needle-sharp spray that can rip lines into the siding.: Beware of spraying at low angles under the siding.

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To avoid this, never spray at an upward angle to the sidingonly perpendicular or a little down. Look out for other openings, such as heating exhaust vents, air vents in the attic or crawlspace, and fractures around windows and doors. Types of Pressure Washers Pressure washers come in both gas- and electric-powered models.

A washer with a PSI rating of 1000 to 1500 is generally rather enough for cleaning siding. If you have a two-story home, a high-volume gas pressure washer fitted with a special nozzle will permit you to clean the upper locations while standing on strong ground. Make certain to use a cleansing option made for siding, and prevent those that have bleach, which can damage the spray washer and kill plants.