Having a professional portrait at a photography studio with your family or children is a very important occasion and image for most families. Remember, this will be the image that will be displayed prominently in your home and every time you pass this image you will either love or hate it! In this article we will explore the advantages of studio photography as compared to outdoor photography, as well as help you to become a better consumer when you select a professional photographer.

The first advantage of a studio portrait with a portrait photographer as compared to outdoor family photography is that you do not have to worry about the wind blowing your hair around, unless you have a wind machine in the studio. This is especially important fact for people with longer or finer hair. Many times I would notice, just as I am getting ready to take the family’s picture, the hair spiking in strange directions. Unless someone has intentionally spiked their hair most people do not want this type of look.

Second, with studio photography you can achieve a softer quality light, rather than a harsh and strong outdoor light if you’re photographing in the direct sun. The problem with harsh light portraits (can usually be avoided in the early morning, late afternoon or under a shade tree) is that your picture will have what I call, “badger eyes.” These are dark shadows that are created by a strong overhead light. Another problem when a photographer photographs his clients in this type of light is that people will squint or close their eyes more because of the sun’s brightness and intensity.

Third, experienced portrait photographers usually have a better control of the lighting on his clients and the background in the studio rather than in an outdoor environment. In the studio it doe not matter if the session is at 8:00 am to 8:00 pm–the studio lights will be the same and consistent.

The forth benefit is that a family does not have to “hike into” a beach or park location. This can be a very important consideration when photographing the elderly, physically handicapped, or smaller children.

A fifth point to consider is the variety of backgrounds a photographer can offer in the studio. These backgrounds can be used to compliment the colors in your room where your wall portrait will be displayed. For example, the green color on the grass or the blue shades of the ocean or sky may not be an ideal color for your room, whereas a Tuscany background may compliment your room and skin tones better.

The sixth issue with the outdoors could be that there is too much stimulus for children: trees to climb, water to splash into, dogs or seagulls to play with, etc. I have noticed this as a particular problem with the hyperactive child or the active young toddler. Once they’re in this active mind set, it is very difficult for the photographer to get the children’s attention. The natural and genuine expressions with your children can deteriorate quickly in this type of environment. Also, frustrated parents, trying to control this chaos, usually resort to raising their voices or promising to give their kids the moon if they would only listen to the photographer. Sometimes these tactics work, but many times it is too late to capture that natural and genuine portrait of the children or family.

We sincerely hope that these six advantages of a studio photography, as compared to outdoor photography with your family, was helpful in your decision to have a studio portrait session for your next family photography or children photography session.

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