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What are high pressure sales strategies? A great case study is Vivint Solar, which was so bad that they were actually sued by the Chief law officer for the state of New Mexico. Here are some examples of things to view out for: Door-to-door or telemarketing sales, specifically those that victimize the elderly Pressing the consumer to go with “no-money-down” funding plans (leases and PPAs) Motivating the customer to rapidly sign a contract instead of letting them thoroughly study it by themselves A business informs you that solar will be excellent for your house while other companies inform you otherwise Examine out the BBB grievances for the big nationwide installers such as Vivint Solar, Sunrun, and Solar, City (Tesla) to see more examples of bad sales practices.

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This is why The Solar Geek goes with local installers, and will never ever refer you to the huge national companies. Bonus offer suggestion: helpful checklist Here’s a list of concerns to ask any solar installer that you are thought about. Make certain to likewise read our short article on how to assess the solar quotes you get.

The estimate must list the price of individual elements and labor: modules, inverters, racking, labor, electrical work, and other costs need to be itemized. The contract ought to suggest exactly when payment is due, and what the payment schedule is (if any). You will receive a site strategy that aesthetically indicates the layout of the system elements on your house, that includes the positioning of the panels, inverters, detach switch, and meter.

Compare this with your average usage, and make sure that you are happy with the system output. Talk about the details of the solar panels, inverters, and racking system.

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Your regional code may require a structural engineering evaluation prior to work starts, and an electrical examination after work is completed. Your interconnected pv system will most likely need that your energy company set up either a new bidirectional meter, or a 2nd meter together with your existing one.

Learn how you will keep an eye on the system output. This will either be a display on the inverter, or a site or mobile phone app. Ask if there is suggested system upkeep. In case your roof requires repair work in the future, learn the business’s labor charges for getting rid of and reinstalling the hardware.

In numerous cases, that indicates putting no cash down to go solar. Solar energy leases require repaired month-to-month payments that are calculated using the approximated quantity of electricity the system will produce. With a solar PPA, customers concur to acquire the power created by the system at a set price per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced.

Would you be much better off putting many of your investing in wind power, or solar power?