When you are going on a lengthy hike or for a drive over some rough terrain you may want to build yourself survival kits. It is no joke when someone is trying to get form point A to point B and they encounter closed roads or heavy unexpected snow. By definition survival is a noun that means the act of surviving under adverse or unusual circumstances or it may imply endurance. So when you are taking a lengthy hike over several days you will have to endure the trek or have endurance and when on that trek you may encounter some event that delays your return and in that case you may require survival kits of some sort.

When you are considering building survival kits you will want to define what you are going to use it for. If you are going on a short trip that becomes a disaster due to weather you will want to have an automobile or vehicle survival kit. This kit is something that you can carry in your vehicle and it is in the vehicle whenever you travel in it. This kit may contain some heavy items that you would not generally carry on a three day hike. You can carry a shovel, a compass, and a LED flashlight with extra batteries, a space blanket to keep you warm and emergency food bars plus some fresh water.

One thing people think is that they have this kit all set up that you never have to touch it unless you meet that emergency. Unfortunately things age and even when not used deteriorate. A battery doesn’t last forever it will lose its ability to provide power. The same is true of spare food or of items that may rust. So you do have to keep on top of this type of survival kit so it remains fresh. Or purchase a premade kit likeĀ sac de survie

When you are going on a camping or hiking trip where you will live in a tent or spend some time on a trail you will also need survival kits that are designed for specific lengths of duration. If you are on a three day hike you will need some form of tent and some emergency food like energy bars plus some form of water or water purification tablets. You will need some form of knife and of course some form of first aid kit. You can encounter things like unexpected snow or other disaster but generally if you are an experienced hiker you will pay attention to the weather conditions surrounding the area where you plan to hike.

Prevention such as paying attention to the weather is part of your survival kit. But even experienced hikes run into trouble and should have what they need to survive the time exposed to the elements. Remember if you are putting together this type of kit you must be able to carry it easily in a backpack or some sort of bag and still be able to hike too. You don’t need the kitchen sink.