There is more awareness of laser technology among today’s generation than what it was earlier. Laser basically means a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification. Laser technology or laser machines have taken its origin in various fields of advancement like medical, security and even in the beauty.

IPL laser equipment is the new trend for the modern era in hair removal and skin rejuvenation. This technology is used notably by beauty studios and medical practitioner for attending various skin problems.This has been proved to improve the appearance of discolorations of skin-red, brown or black. As different skin has different reactions, the equipment is adjusted according to specific wavelength depending on the skin, targeting the chromophores. Thus, one can say this equipment is a boon to mankind when it comes to beautifying oneself, carrying any sort of skin problem.

Use of IPL Machines:

Laser IPL machine describes the intense pulses spread over a range of wavelength primarily for hair removal and is a registered trademark. The distinction is made between beauty grade and medical grade machines based on the pulse energy, 50 joules for beauty grade and higher energies for medical grade.

Laser IPL machines stimulate the light on the skin which removes or repairs the damaged skin ensuring safety on its usage. It is a nonsurgical cosmetic skin procedure followed to correct irregularities in the skin. Some of the advantages are: it is painless, wound less and comfortable; it also helps in non-exhaustion, immediate results and easy operation.

IPL laser and its effects

Intense Pulsed Light laser, a new technology uses a filtered lamp which emits high intensity laser beams filled with plasma energy which is channeled through the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) to the deepest layer of the skin. This is performed to destroy the unwanted skin cells and starching the growth of new skin thereby removing the pigmentation. On the basis of the skin of each patient, different IPL technologies are used which has given tremendous results for each and every patient and it also acts as the best solution for anti-aging appearance.

The major side effects from the use of Intense Pulsed Light Laser technology are:

• Skin reddening
• Skin irritation and on rare cases stinging sensation in the skin
• Increased sensitivity to UV radiation.

IPL laser technique in hair removal

The laser has forced its entry in every field and hair removal is not an exception. This treatment is applicable on all hair color and skin problems. The treatment requires less than thirty minutes and the number of treatments depends on the hair density in each part. Ladies who are pregnant or person with any sort of skin infection can avoid such treatment to avoid unnecessary risk. The side effects of IPL hair removal laser methods are faced almost by everyone resulting in itching or reddening has been reported. Therefore, it is better to get a medical advice before going in for IPL laser hair removal.

But all in all, IPL laser equipment and IPL hair removal laser technique has led to the overall improvement in the patients. The reduction in skin diseases has been seen from 30% to 11%, this is a big leap in a short period. Although there is persistent complaint about the side effects, experts are trying to bring the side effects to a minimum and various researches are being carried even still.

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